About Us

Founded in 2000, we emerged as a new kind of IT company that is focused on transforming the industry.

We are a dynamic company which has innovated it’s way to becoming one of the leading technology solutions in WA. Our team comprises of the best and brightest engineers along with a leadership group providing more than a combined 60 years worth of experience. The talented people who call Diverse home are always keeping up to date with the latest industry technology and have a wide range of skills that can be applied to any scenario. 

Our process is simple: people come to us with difficult problems and we solve them. The more difficult the better and we’ll stop and nothing until we’ve come up with a solution. Like all great problem solvers, we’re driven, inventive and clever. Our point of difference is that we understand exactly what our clients need and have the in house expertise to maintain all the bits required from end to end.

Our Solutions

Security Solutions

Safeguards the integrity of your IT network and privacy content against threats.

Wireless Solutions

We can design and implement integrated wireless networks to suit any needs.

Next Gen Communications

Ensure that your communications are not based on expired technologies.

Service Desk

Let us take care of your everyday IT headaches through our integrated 24/7 help desk functions.

Cloud Solutions

Integrate cloud solutions throughout your business with our own hardware.

Managed Infrastructure

Reduce costs and increase your productivity through our per user model.