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The Cloud

As a reputable Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we are able to provide end-to-end cloud solutions that balance the technical requirements and IT investment of our customers to deliver advanced cloud solutions.

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Our Solutions

Discover how our advanced cloud solutions can transform your business.

infrastructure as a service

Move your existing operating systems into a virtualised cloud-based environment to eliminate the cost of hardware purchasing, maintenance and frequent upgrades.

software as a service

Gain access to the various types of software that you need on a scalable basis to ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

backups & disaster recovery

With our BUaaS and DRaaS, ensure that your business-critical data is securely backed up to an offsite storage location and can be easily restored in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Microsoft Secure Workplace Solution

Improve productivity, enhance collaboration and increase performance with our secure workplace solution. Key technologies include Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Intune, Defender and Azure AD MFA.

cloud migration

After an in-depth discovery of what you currently have, let us help move your digital business operations including data, applications and IT processes to the cloud.

domain & hosting

Ensure that your business' website is set up and ready to go with our domain registration services and hosting capabilities on our high performance servers.

adopt cloud technology

Multiple Benefits

Cloud Specialists

Our qualified specialists are well versed in developing and implementing cloud solutions for various businesses across Australia.

reduce cost

Move to cloud computing to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your own IT systems and equipment.


As your business needs change, make sure you can scale up or scale down your operation and storage needs quickly.

automatic updates

Moving to our cloud allows us to worry about the updates, so you can simply focus on using the newest and secured applications.

business continuity

Our cloud technology optimises business continuity by hosting and backing up your operations in a secure and safe location.

collaborate efficiently

Enjoy greater flexibility in accessing work from anywhere at anytime, enabling more efficient collaboration across your team.

our cloud solutions

How We Shape Up

Excellent Track Record

The cloud has always been a focal point of ours and we have developed our platform to host many tier-1 apps.

250+ Years of Experience

Combining the brains that make up the Diverse Services team, there are more than 250 years of experience in the IT industry at our disposal.

70+ Certifications

Our talented team are always focused on upskilling and completing training to stay on top of new industry technology, resulting in more than 70 certifications.

Areas of Expertise

Demonstrated through our experience, our team is skilled across many areas in the technology space and we are always expanding our solutions.

Want to know more?

Let us help you find the right cloud solutions to suit your business requirements. Reach out to us today for a chat.