Cloud Solutions

Cost, business size and internal expertise are no longer barriers to taking advantage of cloud technology.

We are pioneers from the ground up approach relating to the use of cloud solutions. We are fortunate enough to have our own hardware and internet connections. This guarantees controlled quality across all of our deployed solutions. Our understanding and commitment to network security and cloud solutions is our point of difference. We ensure that we are giving you the best solution available to suit your business needs. Our available solutions include:

  • Desktop and service hosting services
  • Application and hosting services
  • Backup business continuity systems and fault tolerance
  • Document management systems
  • Telephone and video conferencing systems
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As your business changes, operation and storage needs can fluctuate. With us it means that as your needs change, so does your IT.

mitigate risk

Our cloud technology optimises business continuity by hosting and backing up your operations in a secure and safe location.


Having access to the latest and most robust technology enables you to protect your most important data assets. 

less responsibility

Moving to our cloud allows us to worry about the updates, so you can simply focus on using the newest and most secure applications.

collaborate efficiently

Enjoy greater flexibility in accessing work from anywhere at anytime, enabling more efficient collaboration across your team.

reduce costs

As a host for your business applications, reduce the strain on your internal resources including staff, hardware and software.

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