Diverse hosts Edge IoT Sundowner with Lenovo

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So, the future of the internet is here. With the increasing buzz surrounding the new Internet of Things (IoT) developments, we wanted a chance to showcase this technology. From turning on a lightbulb on your smartphone through to driverless cars, IoT is impacting not only how we live but also how we work.

On the 19th February, we partnered with Lenovo Data Centre Group to host an Edge IoT Sundowner showcasing the Lenovo S350 Edge Server.

Hosted at the recently opened Hyde Perth Kitchen + Cocktails venue, guests began arriving after 4 pm in our reserved terrace area. After introductions and networking, the speeches began where David Horth introduced Diverse Services, our partnership with Lenovo and explaining what exactly IoT is and why it’s a growing interest.

We also had speeches from Lenovo’s Shane Hodge and Alex Kerezsi surrounding IoT, Edge Computing and introducing the Lenovo S350 Edge Server. Various use cases and implementation scenarios were discussed, where the server performs specifically well on mining sites.

Pictured: David Horth from Diverse Services during his speech.

Pictured: Shane Hodge from Lenovo Data Centre Group during his speech.

The event continued with networking and canapes throughout the evening. At 6pm, David Horth and Shane Hodge gathered to draw the door prize where we had a Lenovo Smart Clock on offer. Congratulations to Hemmy Mistry from BHP for winning the prize!

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