Cybersecurity Lunch & Learn

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By Diverse Services

We’ve seen over the years how security vulnerabilities have caused major headaches for our clients. To expand our offering in the cybersecurity space, we are pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with AT&T Cybersecurity as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We’ve hosted an exclusive lunch & learn session to showcase a preview of our managed threat detection and response capabilities.

Our Security Analyst Pierre drove the session along with our Chief Technologist Nathan Manzi, both who have been working closely to develop this new service. Our clients were also joined by Chas Doney and Jeffrey Lim from AT&T Cybersecurity to discuss the technology that compliments our offering in this market.

Pictured: Pierre Flore (left) with Jeffrey Lim and Chas Doney (right). 

Our boardroom was all set up, ready and waiting for clients to arrive. After some introductions and the serving of some delicious lunch, Pierre kick started the session. The session began with discussing some case studies regarding unmonitored and undetected security incidents and the lessons we can learn from these. We were able to introduce our new new offering to our clients, along with how we are leveraging Alienvault USM Anywhere for security monitoring and incident response.


Nathan and Pierre, as well as two other Diverse Services engineers have completed the Alienvault USM Anywhere Training, providing them with the necessary skills and expertise to identify and respond to security incidents. They will soon be going through the Alienvault certification exam to become full fledge Alienvault Certified Security Engineers (AVSE).

Interested in our managed threat detection and response capabilities? Contact us here for more information.

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