Diverse hosts Lunch & Learn with Carbon Black

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We joined up with Carbon Black to deliver a security-based Lunch & Learn session on the 27th February. The session was designed to gain a better understanding of modern threats including how threat actors operate, the low cost and effort involved in demolishing a business’ productivity, and how Carbon Black can help protect against these threats.

Set up in the Diverse boardroom, this session was delivered by our Chief Technologist Nathan Manzi who has been a key resource through the development of our Security Operations Centre (SOC). We were also joined by David Dowling from Carbon Black, the Security Business Unit for VMware.

Pictured: Nathan Manzi (left) and David Dowling (right) before starting the presentation.

The session

The topics that were covered during the presentation included:

  • An introduction to Diverse Services and Carbon Black

  • The modern landscape of ransomware, phishing and zero-day exploits

  • The value of behaviour based threat detection over traditional approaches

  • How behaviour based security solutions feed other cybersecurity objectives

  • Walkthrough of recent MailTo ransomware attack that impacted Toll Group

  • Live demonstration showcasing a real-world attack

The live demo was performed by Nathan, where he was able to demonstrate a real-world attack involving phishing, zero-day exploitation and ransomware, showing how to detect and block file-less malware using Carbon Black.

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