Diverse hosts MFA lunch & learn session

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By Diverse Services

Our MFA lunch and learn session was a success! We’ve seen recently how security and in particular, how MFA has been a high priority for many of our clients. This session was held in the Diverse Boardroom, created to discuss the in-depth workings of MFA and how it can be easily implemented across workplaces. Since in May 2019 alone, ScamWatch reports that more than $1.7 million has been lost due to attempts at gaining personal information from: hacking, phishing attacks, identity theft and remote access scams. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t look at implementing safety barriers such as MFA until once it’s too late.

To urge the importance of this, the session was lead by our very own Chief Technologist, Nathan Manzi who has been at Diverse for more than five years. He was accompanied by our special guest speaker, Michael Richards who is a Security & Compliance Specialist for Microsoft Australia.

Pictured: Nathan Manzi (left) and Michael Richards (right) ready for the presentation.

Pictured: Our boardroom all set up ready and waiting for clients to arrive.

Our boardroom was all set up, ready and waiting for our clients to arrive. After some introductions and the serving of lunch, Nathan kick started the MFA session with lots to cover. The session included an introduction to MFA, why it is important and discussions around Azure Active Directory. The session continued with Michael discussing the various options to implement MFA and providing demonstrations of the various authentication options. Lastly, Nathan concluded the session by showcasing Diverse’s capabilities and how we can assist with an MFA implementation.

Pictured: Our clients helping themselves to some lunch before the presentation.

Pictured: A group image of our clients who attended the session.

Are you looking for more information on the importance of MFA? Click here to view and download our single page brochure.

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