Multi-Factor Authentication

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Why Multi-Factor Authentication?

With MFA, it’s no longer about granting user access based on traditional usernames and passwords; it’s about access based on multiple authentication factors, reducing the risks of weak or compromised passwords with an extra layer of security.

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Why Diverse?

advice from the Australian government

Three Critical Steps

patch systems

Ensure that your web and email servers and fully updated with the latest software to reduce security vulnerabilities.

use multi-factor authentication

Add an additional layer of protection to secure internet access, infrastructure and cloud-based platforms.

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multi-factor authentication

How We Shape Up

Excellent Track Record

With today’s amount of identity theft, it is essential to make sure your business is protected against breaches.

250+ Years of Experience

Combining the brains that make up the Diverse Services team, there are more than 250 years of experience in the IT industry at our disposal.

70+ Certifications

Our talented team are always focused on upskilling and completing training to stay on top of new industry technology, resulting in more than 70 certifications.

Areas of Expertise

Demonstrated through our experience, our team is skilled across many areas in the technology space and we are always expanding our solutions.

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