Nathan attends Huawei Connect in China

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By Diverse Services

Last week, our Chief Technologist Nathan Manzi travelled to China to represent us for Huawei Connect. 

HUAWEI CONNECT is a networking event for partners and customers to share knowledge and experience. The best minds in the industry – thought leaders, business leaders, industry experts, ecosystem partners, application providers, and developers – will be attending to chart the way forward and to explore new opportunities.

At this year’s event, Huawei provides an inside look at the new advancements in ICT technology, showcase the results of joint innovation with their partners, and share best practices in digital transformation.

Arrival in Shenzhen

After arriving on Monday evening in Shenzhen, the group had an early wake up Tuesday morning heading straight to the Huawei Manufacturing Center.  After preparing for the visit with an anti-static coat, hat and shoe covers, the team took a tour through some of the manufacturing buildings across the Huawei Campus.

This included a tour of the Wireless Manufacturing facility, a viewing of Ox Horn Campus and a tour of the Digital Transformation Exhibition Hall.

Pictured: Nathan with his itinerary.

Pictured: Guests pictured at the Wireless Manufacturing Facility with workers.

The employees in the warehouse are responsible for filling boxes with rolls of smd components, placing large silicon on pcbs, maintaining and operating the production line and responding to alarms. The facility features custom Huawei made modular fab boxes which perform pcb flip, solder paste, solder paste inspection, smd placements etc. The factory uses a Japanese robot system for the warehouse, where the robots are used to transport boxes of smd rolls from the warehouse to production line. They also carry completed units to test stations, connect units to testing cables and collect completed boxed units and take them to the warehouse. Funny thing is, they’re very efficient and even get angry if you’re standing in their way!

There is a system for employee mood and performance where employees use magnets to show their mood (happy, OK, unhappy). The manager marks in green or black on a 31-day grapevine for each employee reflecting their performance. The colour green is used if exemplary, black if unsatisfactory, and records left unmarked if performance is to standard. The employees looked happy and are doing their jobs well, with lots of socialising outside the buildings, where they can even take provided buses to get between each building within the campus.

Shenzhen to Shanghai

After on-boarding an internal flight from Shenzhen to Shanghai, the group had checked into their hotel with a night to spare.

Interestingly for such a big city, locating a decent meal at 11pm is pretty difficult!

On Wednesday morning, passes were issued for Huawei Connect and off they went to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The first day of the conference was a whirlwind of keynote speakers, exhibits and various innovations featuring AI, neobanking and smart compute technology.

Pictured: Huawei Connect main entrance area.

Pictured: Neobanking exhibition featured in the Huawei Connect exhibition.

Thursday consisted of a second day attending Huawei Connect, featuring various keynotes covering topics such as Computing Power, Industrial AI and Open-Source OS. Nathan also had the opportunity to attend the exclusive partner round table discussion with Huawei Enterprise Leadership before making his way back to Perth on Friday morning.

Pictured: Huawei Enterprise Leadership round-table discussion.

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