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We’re different because we make sure we know your business inside and out through our initial discovery. We understand what different industry sectors need, and understand how tailored IT solutions can get you there. We work with a broad range of industries including:

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tailored solutions

Areas of Expertise

Managed IT Services

24/7 maintenance and monitoring that keeps your computers, servers, and users up and running.

Security Solutions

Protect your business from malware, hackers, viruses and more with our advanced security solutions.

Security Operations Centre

One unified platform to assess and defend against attacks, constantly improving your security posture.

Next Gen Communications

Ensure that your network has the capability to handle today's communication requirements.

Cloud Solutions

Balance your technology requirements and IT investment by migrating to the cloud.

Service Desk

Get 24/7 technical support that becomes a natural extension of your internal IT capabilities.

Managed Infrastructure

We deliver technical expertise, processes and technologies to optimise your infrastructure.

Various IT Projects

Need the one-off project done? We take on a variety of IT projects to find a custom solution for you.

our outstanding history


Excellent Track Record

From our managed services to our specific project implementation, we have a golden track record.

250+ Years of Experience

Combining the brains that make up the Diverse Services team, there are more than 250 years of experience in the IT industry at our disposal.

70+ Certifications

Our talented team are always focused on upskilling and completing training to stay on top of new industry technology, resulting in more than 70 certifications.

Areas of Expertise

Demonstrated through our experience, our team is skilled across many areas in the technology space and we are always expanding our solutions.

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