Palo Alto PartnerUp 2019

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Yesterday evening, on Tuesday 9th April 2019, the Diverse team had the opportunity to attend the Partner Up  – Perth event hosted by Palo Alto Networks. The event was held in appreciation for its partners, where the agenda focused around Palo’s latest offerings in the cyber security sector such as Redlock and Cortex XDR. 

This event was very valuable to us at Diverse, as we learnt how we can engage more efficiently with our clients and implement the new offerings with additional value. It was lovely for our staff to be able to meet the Palo team and have a chance to network with other players in the security space.

As a NextWave partner, we look forward to working with Palo Alto to increase our solutions for our clients and strengthen our ongoing partnership.

presentation slides powerpoint screen
man delivering a presentation palo alto
diverse services team members at palo alto event

Pictured: (Left to right) Scott Lancaster from Palo Alto, and the Diverse team Pierre Flore, Nathan Manzi and Michael Dodd.

To learn more about Palo Alto’s latest cyber security offerings, please click here.

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