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What distance?

Making people and businesses feel closer than ever with our new workplace and security solutions.

Experience a new way of connecting

2020 heightened the need for improved, more secure and better-connected remote work setups, not just for traditional office workers, but also for industries that were always remote like mining and transport.

Our next generation networking solutions improve your connection and performance, so your best-in-class cloud productivity and collaboration tools truly work anywhere, at home, on the road, or on your remote site.

We view IT as a way to fuel your growth, keeping you in business today with proactive security management, backup, and ongoing optimisation, while preparing you for the future by giving you access to data-driven insights.

Secure Workplace

With Secure Workplace, everyone can securely work anywhere, on any device, and connect to colleagues through productivity and collaboration tools with a faster, stable connection due to our nuanced network management – all for a simple monthly subscription to optimise costs.

Collaboration Tools

Chat groups, video conferencing and easy co-authoring.

cyber protection

24/7 threat monitoring and prevention.


Enhance connection speed, stability and performance.

secure data

Keep work data safe on all devices, including personal.

identity and access

Multi-factor authentication and condition access options.

data analytics

Access real-time data insights to optimise and innovate.


A monthly payment model that scales up and down as needed.


Proactive management focused on optimisation.

Focused on proactive improvement and innovation with our specialised services

Managed Services
Reliable, high quality and cost-effective managed IT services focused on proactive management and ongoing optimisation.

Networking Services
Our tailored network solutions help overcome latency issues, improving overall connection and scalability.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Powerful 24/7 threat detection and mitigation based on advanced analytics, including ongoing compliance management.

Advanced Security & Backup

Add Advance Security & Backup to get all the benefits of our Secure Workplace solution with additional, proactive 24/7 threat protection and response for critical business data and functions, and full, secure backup and recovery in the cloud.

threat mitigation

24/7 anomaly monitoring and data analytics to actively mitigate threats.


Meet compliance requirements easily with local and cloud storage options.

advanced analytics

Advanced cybersecurity, fuelled by behavioural analytics to enhance security decisions.

backup & recovery

Peace of mind that essential data is backed up and can be recovered quickly if disaster strikes.

our tailored solutions

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Excellent Track Record

We have a long-standing history of creating quality, cost-effective IT solutions for our clients.

250+ Years of Experience

Combining the brains that make up the Diverse Services team, there are more than 250 years of experience in the IT industry at our disposal.

70+ Certifications

Our talented team are always focused on upskilling and completing training to stay on top of new industry technology, resulting in more than 70 certifications.

Areas of Expertise

Demonstrated through our experience, our team is skilled across many areas in the technology space and we are always expanding our solutions.

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