Staff Bowls Event

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On Friday evening, our Diverse staff had an afternoon of bowls and socialising at the South Perth Bowling Club. We were joined by the Decmil IT team who consists of Paul, Justin, Bryan, Freddy and Al for a steady competition. The afternoon began with our regular bowler Michael assigning teams and explaining the rules for our first-time players.

We began playing our round-robin tournament, consisting of four Diverse teams and the one Decmil team. The initial rounds saw the Decmil team come to a lead, as well as a strong start from the Diverse sales and engineering teams. We took a pause for our BBQ at the bowling club, where Nathan had spend the afternoon smoking the beef and cooking the other meats. Finally, to finish off the competition as a decider, the Decmil team played against the merged Diverse all star team. This team consisted of our high performing players on the day being Niti, Kelsey, David, Matt and Michael, who finished up as second with Decmil taking the title for the comp.

Thanks to everyone for a great afternoon at the bowls club!

bowls club staff event green grass lawn bowls

Pictured: Michael from Diverse facilitating the round-robin tournament.

bowls club staff event three men standing

Pictured: (Left to right) Aaron, Thomas and Pierre from Diverse.

bowls club staff event four men standing

Pictured: (Left to right) The Decmil team Freddy and Bryan with Stuart from Diverse and Paul from Decmil.

bowling club staff event green grass lawn bowls

Pictured: Paul from Decmil having a bowl in the initial rounds of the round-robin tournament.

bowls club staff event

Pictured: Niti from the Diverse service desk preparing for her bowl, leading her help desk team.

bowls club staff event team photo

Pictured: (Left to right) Diverse staff Niti, Liam, Matt, Steve, Pierre, David and Kelsey waiting for their bowl.

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