Service Desk Team Building Session

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By Diverse Services

Our service desk team had the opportunity to participate in an exciting team building session with Clue Chase in Fremantle. It is an outdoor escape room where teams embark on a mission across Fremantle, spread across the historical sights. Equipped with an action pack and iPad, the teams complete a series of mysteries and puzzles racing against the clock!

Matt's event blog:

It was a cold morning, excitement filled the air…

A hat was filled with their names, patiently waiting to be plucked…

The diverse service desk drew out their names to decide their teams; Matt, Tom and Steve verses Aaron, Stuart and Niti.

Lunch time came around and it was time to leave the Diverse office and head down to Perth station and wait for their Fremantle train.

The sun shone bright and lifted their spirits as the team ventured to Clue Chase to find out what was awaiting them; a man with two brief cases and a top secret mission, who would be the winning team and solve the case before time ran out?

diverse staff members at team building session
diverse staff members at team building session

Operation Mindfall:

Team PD-Peekatchu (Matt, Tom & Steve) versus the A-team (Aaron, Stuart & Niti) begun their challenge and were tasked to foil the sinister plan set by Spider Tech to poison and control the minds of the local populace.

Each team was given an iPad and instructions to complete the set of challenges. Solving these challenges tested your navigation and puzzle solving skills with the matter of time set against them.

The story played out around Fremantle as the teams had to work together and solve each challenge, the plan to decipher information and becoming an imposter to gain access to the evil SpiderTech Server and releasing the antivirus to save all of humanity.

It was neck and neck, sabotage & trickery had already begun as the challenges became more difficult, PD-Peekatchu set the pace and took the lead around the harbour losing sight of the A-team.

The roundhouse allowed both teams to catch up & prepare the anti-virus concoction as the struggle to race against time was already set against them.

The final challenge saw PD-Peekatchu take the lead & hack into the SpiderTech’s Server to release the anti-virus with only minutes to spare!

Team Diverse then enjoyed a meal at the Sail and Anchor to finish off a great team bonding day.

diverse staff members at team building session
diverse staff members at restaurant
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