The necessity of backup solutions and DR plans

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By Steve Watson

Recently I have been tasked with the management of our customers backups. In today’s fast moving digital age there is nothing more important to a company than its data. With present and future business decisions being determined by data analytics, data must be protected at all costs.

There are many ways a company and even an individual can lose data including:

  • Malicious attacks
  • Accidental deletion
  • Bugs in your software
  • Cloud security breach
  • Hardware failure
  • Natural Disasters

If one of these or another situation renders your data unusable, your business’ fate relies on the reliability of your backup systems. As a minimum you should be performing backup restore tests monthly in order to keep peace of mind and compliance with your DR plan.

Every business should have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and test it regularly so that in the event of a failure, you are well prepared and are confident that your data is safe. For example, during my time working in managed services in the Northern Territory, we had a small company with approximately 10 employees as a client.

The owner of the company declined a managed backup service as it was overlooked as not a required service. At this time, the Crypto virus was growing phenomenally with companies being attacked everywhere across the world.

Unfortunately, the company received an email that contained the crypto virus and it was run on the PC and managed to encrypt all the network folders and applications database. As the backup and DR plan was not tested at all, when coming onsite I found the backup had not run for over 3 months. I did restore the data from this point but however, this did have a major effect on the company and had the potential to bring down the business. This is due to losing all the submissions to insurance companies for the work done over the last 3 months.

If you want to investigate, test your DR plan or have a discussion surrounding solutions that are currently on offer to help your business, please contact us here.

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