A Backup Solution – Veeam for Nutanix

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By Andy Migdal
veeam nutanix backups

In the quest to migrate to AHV from VMware and Hyper-V, the obvious concern was whether our current backup technology (Veeam) would be able to backup Nutanix. Veeam assured us that they are capable and AHV backups and some light reading indicated this was the case with a proxy. What was wrongly assumed is that a proxy server would just need deploying onto the new AHV infrastructure and everything would behave the same as VMware and Hyper-V using the Veeam console.

When you have many clients, complex backup regimes and a service desk who monitors and maintains the backups on a daily basis, consistency is key.

Having created some test VM’s on AHV and been satisfied that everything was working, the time came to setup Veeam and ensure the backups worked as expected. Whilst the Veeam install guide was pretty good, it missed a couple of minor things like the context for usernames and passwords, plus the user account permissions levels. That’s all fine, the kicker is when you realise that it’s all run from a separate web interface, a web interface with a single admin account and no option for AD integration, so no accountability for who’s doing what.

Then you realise that there are no options for reverse incremental, grandfather backups, just sequential backups for a number of days. To archive anything, you need separate Veeam copy jobs from the main console. There is also no ability to dynamically add VM’s to individual jobs based on the Inventory folder. You can manually add servers or dynamically add all servers in the cluster to a job in the infrastructure, no in-between.

veeam nutanix backups
veeam nutanix backups

You can monitor jobs to a certain extent from the Veeam console but not re-run them which is obviously critical. As you can see below, the backup job also shows no objects, but the second screenshot shows the successful backups of the AHV servers.

veeam nutanix backups
veeam nutanix backups

On a more positive note the restore options works well, fully integrated into the Veeam console with all the usual features of Veeam.

veeam nutanix backups

I know this is version 1 of the backup proxy but AHV has existed for a number of years now and this paid for backup solution is more limited than the free version of Veeam for Hyper-V and VMware.

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