Why all the buzz around 5G Internet?

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By Stuart McKenzie

Introduction to 5G

5G internet in Australia will be launching nationwide in 2019/2020, which will offer faster and more reliable internet for mobile networks. Optus and Telstra have already activated 5G in limited areas and will be expanding across Australia moving forward. As for Vodafone, their network is predicted to be connected in 2020 for customers.

What's so exciting?

5G will allow for speeds between 4 and 20 gigabits per second and can offer 10 times the bandwidth of existing 4G networks. 5G will be able to handle more data than 3G and 4G networks and be able to handle more users.

Due to the evolution of this new technology, it allows for many new possibilities. For example, since 5G has low latency, it can allow a surgeon to perform surgery on a patient remotely. This was demonstrated by Ericsson working with Neurodigital Technologies. A dummy patient was used as a test and a glove was worn to control a robot arm that could perform operations in another location. The glove is equipped with haptic feedback motors that buzz whenever contact is made with the dummy’s organs, making it seem like you were actually touching it. 5G enables people to transfer their expertise over a great distance in real time while also utilising robotics and haptic feedback, which a lot of companies are referring to as the “internet of skills”.

5g smartphone

What new technology is evolving?

Self-driving car technology can also benefit from 5G connection. This is because being an instantly responsive network, the cars can use the 5G connection to communicate with other vehicles and sensors built around a city. Many believe that fully autonomous vehicle would not be possible without 5G. Also, drone technology which is becoming increasingly popular can also benefit from 5G connection. Someone can have precise control over a drone from a remote location while sending back video footage in high definition.

When can I use 5G?

Currently 5G is only available in a few select areas and will require a mobile phone that can support 5G. Telstra customers can access 5G through a selection of 5G smartphones, or through their smart hub and hotspot. As for Optus, a small number of customers have been selected to use the companies’ 5G mobile broadband service. While the three major mobile providers are in the process of building and activating their networks, the coverage is still quite limited for now.

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