With WA’s leading wireless specialists, we can design and implement integrated wireless networks.

Our team has extensive experience in wireless solutions gained from working with an impressive list of enterprise, resource and government clients. We provide fast, efficient and reliable connectivity in the most challenging of environments, including remote sites and temporary and permanent implementations. Due to our extensive background in the field, be sure that we are able to give an experienced perspective on every recommended solution.

  • Wireless MESH Networks
  • Back haul and point to multi point
  • WiFi and spectrum surveys
  • Solar powered repeater systems
  • High rise, tower rigging
  • Structure services and fit outs
  • Point to point laser technology
  • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum


connect anywhere

Connectivity where wired solutions are unavailable or impractical. 


Increase in flexibility and collaboration throughout business functions.


Easier and secure network expansion due to scalability.


Easier and more controlled guest access with monitoring techniques.


Secure solutions for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) implementation.


We provide ongoing support throughout every stage of the business to ensure connectivity.

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